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Blink’s Fall Adventures

Horse ride

Horse ride

New coat

New coat


Oh, motel beds

Oh, motel beds

Blink’s been a busy girl this fall. First she got to go fishing at the McCloud reservoir. She’s looking for fish in Maggie’s  blue coat  which is too small for her (more on that later). Then she got to go to Diamond Lake, Oregon and spend two and a half days fishing. It was very cold in the morning and we sat about 5 inches from Mr Heater until it warmed up.  Then we went for a sunset walk and she and Dad cuddled up on a bench. She got to lay on the motel bed for a little bit but had to go in her crate at night because she is more comfortable there (read, no barking) When we got home the next day we went for a horse ride,

Blink looking for fish

Blink looking for fish

Me and Dad at Diamond Lake

Me and Dad at Diamond Lake

then with my amazing sewing skills (haha) I made Blink a new coat out of an old Indian blanket.

Penny, Blink and Spirit Maggie

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2 Responses to “Blink’s Fall Adventures”

  1. benny55
    5:39 am on October 25th, 2013      Reply

    PENNY!! It was just great “chatting” with youin the “room” a few minutes! Im so glad, because somehow I missed your vlog and I’m glad I got to see it! And you kowhow upset I’d be if I missed out in thks great update AND photos!

    These hotos are WONDERFUL!! That Blink is soooooo pretty! she isliing the life, that’s for sure!

    Look at her in ner Daddy’s arms! If that isn’t the face of a content dog, I don’t know what is!

    And LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the one of her standing so proud at the head of the boat looking for fish! And she is really stylin’ that jacket! You sew waaaaaaaaay better than I type, that’s for sure!!

    Is tat Maggie’s tree she sittng next to? I ALWAYS loved that oto of Maggie and her tree. She and Blink look soooooo much alike.

    Penny, how ’bout posting a thread in the forum section too. You now how quicky these blogs disappear. I think the site could use a bit of a cheery post today to lighten the mood. Besides, everyone must see these great ictures!
    Again, even thogh our “cjat time” was brief,it was a real treat “chattng” with you! Here’s to gravyard shifts and… juice!

    Maggie will always be remembered here! Beautiful dog with a beautiful soul!

    lots of love,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. jerry
    10:23 pm on October 27th, 2013      Reply

    Blink! Wow can we come along with you next time? That is such a beautiful part of this country, you are so lucky to live there. I love your coat too. Your Mamma is very, very talented. I think she should make them for more doggies, they would sell like crazy!

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